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This microphone seems to work very well. Evidently a very capable mic, it captures both the chesty tones and the top end. All in all, it yields a nicely balanced sound."

"I am so amazed how this microphone sounds. I never thought that a microphone could sound like this one. No need for compression, EQ. It's so fast - "faster than me"! With a lot of clarity, chest, dynamic and absolutely noise free. It cuts through all mixes! A killer mic! Great engineering, great work! I am very happy about this decision. No tube and power supply hassle."


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Van Steenis Audio


Ruud van Steenis was already interested in sound and  technology at a very young age.

He studied electronics and computer science.

Ruud worked for the Physical laboratory of the University in Utrecht, Polygram, Radio Netherlands International and Broadcast Facilties Nederland.

Amongst others, he designed and developed equipment for digital audio editing used by several Dutch broadcasting stations.

For more than 25 years he was occupied as a recording engineer and in his profession he used a wide range of microphones made by different manufacturers.

What often bothered him, was the fact that a lot of professional microphones produce an amount of self noise, which is unacceptable in the digital era.

Without doing any concessions to quality, he designed a microphone that combines the highest standards of all professional requirements.


In the video below you can see and hear an A/B comparison between the REAS Audio P250 and the legendary Telefunken ELA M251.

(For the best picture and sound qualty, select a high resolution. Subtitles in English are available.)

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   ©2013-2024 - Van Steenis Audio